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About us
Professional team of sportsmen and coaches well known throuhout the World
80% of our students return to us again and recommend us to their colleagues and friends
15 years of coaching groups of all levels as well as individual training of adults and kids
Best windsurf spots in the World
More than 100 students every year
Our team
Yakovlev Vladimir
  • Date of birth: 02/07/1984
  • Windsurfing since 2002
  • Coaching since 2004
  • Riding style - freestyle
  • Professional European sportsmen
Since 2005 I take part in different international competitions in freestyle, ranging high on the European and World levels.

At the beginning I was not that successful in windsurfing. I was struggling a lot, but this gave me a huge desire to master this sport. Soon I got such a passion, fullness of emotion. I gave up everything and concentrated on sailing for 100%.

Technique knowledge, passion and understanding of a student allow me to build an appropriate training plan and improve his skills rapidly.
Maria Esyutina
  • Date of birth: 26/10/1988
  • Riding since 2003
  • Coaching since 2007
  • Riding style - freestyle
My dad showed me windsurfing. Firstly I didn't like it and it took some time. But then I started to improve a lot and felt in love with this sport. For now I am a professional windsurfer and coach.

Living in Austria, I spend my winter in Alps as a ski and snowboard instructor. I have the highest Austrian qualification as a national ski instructor and ski guide. My other professional hobby is downhill longboarding. I take place in Downhill World Cup events (rated 13th in the World in 2014) and other local and international competitions. My free time is full of extreme sports such as MTB, kitesurfing, surfing, inline skating, dirtsurfing, climbing... I just love it !

My coaching experience allows me to recognise persons' capabilities and wishes, concentrate on the training process and pay a lot of attention to the details which are so important in windsurfing.
Inna Yakovleva
  • Date of birth: 19/09/1987
  • Riding since 2005
  • Coaching since 2014
  • Style - freestyle
I started to windsurf in 2005 because of my brother. I felt in love with this wonderful and spectacular sport. But it was just a hobby and I just did't have enough time for it. So I decided to change my life and moved to Egypt where I got a chance to train and progress. I've reached great result in a very short time which is normally not usual for windsurfing. So I can surely tell you - if you really want something and strive for it, the universe will be on your side!
Dmitry Kuvshinov
  • Date of birth: 30/11/1982
  • Riding since 2005
  • Coaching since 2008
  • Riding style - freestyle
My first try was in 2005 in Moscow. This day has changed my life. Windsurfing took my sole for 100% - all my thoughts and actions were connected to this sport.
I understood, that to be able to progress further, I had to be on the sea. And started travelling a lot. First I explored Russia - Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. I started to coach in Yeysk in 2008 and soon moved to the windsurf paradise - Dahab. There I continued to progress in learning and coaching. But I could not stay on one place for a long time... I wanted to travel and explore further. So I moved to Cyprus, Vietnam, Greece, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal - every trip gave me a lot of experience, emotions, new vision and approaches to coaching

I try to learn from every person, who comes into my life. Trying to get new prospective and see the World from different sides. To expand my knowledge and skills, I started to coach kitesurfing and classical wave surfing. Using my experience I give my best to the students, not only in sport, but also in life. Our beautiful and wonderful life...
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760 euro / 1 week
1040 euro / 1 week
Personal training
Your personal coach all over the World
Greece 1 week tuition+rent
We contact you as soon as possible!
Greece 1 week tuition+rent+accommodation
We contact you as soon as possible
Personal training
We contact you as soon as possible
Learn with us free of charge!
Our professional tutorial videos will help you to improve your windsurfing skills. Learn how to set your equipment, get stable planning, master different types of jibes, jump your first front loop and much more!
Our videos are free of charge! If you have questions or want us to analyse your riding video, feel free to contact us and send us a link to your video.
Advantages of our
windsurf school
Cheaper as a standard hours lesson
Better result for less money.
Complex approach
An effective combination of
- theory knowledge
- training on the beach
- training on the water
- video shooting with a camera and drone
- video analyses.
Competent instructors
Professionals with many years of experience
Our goal is to find the right balance in a collaboration COACH <-> STUDENT.
Best places for learning and riding
The most windiest and beloved spots in the World will make your improvement faster and more effective.
Friendly atmosphere
Social comfort zone and a chance to make new friends.
Individual approach
Special training methods which allow us to meet the needs and wishes of every student in a group.
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